Will Oivo be compatible with the iPhone 6?

Of course! Various independent sources confirmed that iPhone 6 will use the same Lightning connectors as iPhone 5/5s/5c.

I have an Android or Windows Phone smartphone, when will you make the Micro USB version?

We promise to launch Oivo Micro USB before the end of the winter (February 2015).

What kind of batteries can I use with Oivo?

Oivo accepts any kind of AA batteries. Be it regular alkaline, Lithium or rechargeable NiCd and NiMH.

Can I use AAA instead of AA batteries?

Yes you can also use AAA batteries, but they are not meant to provide such a high current (1 amp), so their efficiency will be lower.

Are batteries harmful for the environment?

Batteries don’t contain hazardous or toxic materials and can be disposed as a regular domestic waste. However, we don’t want you to charge your iPhone every day with Oivo. So when you do it, please charge it as much as you really need and reuse the batteries to power your home devices (TV remotes, clocks…)

Will Oivo’s magnets damage my iPhone or wipe out my credit card?

No way! Oivo’s neodymium magnets are 100% safe. They won’t damage your phone or wipe out your credit cards.

How fast does it charge?

Oivo charges the iPhone as fast as a regular AC charger. That is with 1 amp.

How much can I charge my Iphone with one set of batteries?

It depends on the batteries you use. With regular affordable Alkaline you can charge it around 50%, with Lithium and rechargeable batteries more than 100%.

Is Oivo waterproof?

Oivo is splash proof. Rain and spilled water won’t do it any harm.

Is Oivo using official Apple Lightning connectors?

Yes, we’ve developed Oivo under the Apple MFi licence and it will also be manufactured by a company that is licensed as an Apple MFi Manufacturer.

Can you charge the iPhone with a cover?

Sadly no. We were aiming to make Oivo as small as possible and some compromises were made in order to achieved that.